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#1YearWithWinterBear occupy the Top Trends of Korean and Worldwide Twitter as ARMYs celebrate 1 year of BTS V's solo release 'Winter Bear'

The BTS fandom called ARMYs are celebrating the very first anniversary of BTS V's first all English language solo song 'Winter Bear' today and occupy the top spots on Twitter Trends with multiple hashtags across South Korea and worldwide. It's already been a year since he unexpectedly gave his fans a surprise with a precious and heartwarming song with equally soothing music video.

'Winter Bear' was inspired by 'About Time', a British romantic comedy film about a young man with the ability to time travel, who makes attempts to change the events of his past in hopes of improving his future, directed by Richard Curtis and starred by Domnhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. In the movie, the actor proposed to his sleeping love, thus described her as a bear sleeping in the winter.

Through fan-bases, V's fans made a point to set an example about the idol's global positive influence as most of them made several meaningful donations on this anniversary of 'Winter Bear'. This is not only to help the ones in need but to also make this day more meaningful by reaching out helping hands and celebrate humanity along with this masterpiece.