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Mikaela Ivy

11 Scientific Facts About Happiness

1. Happiness has power over your immune system.
2. Doing good for others means doing good for yourself
3. Some extent of happiness is inherited.
4. Floral scents can make you happy.
5. Happy are those on hourly wages.
6. Relationships are more important than money.
7. Bright colors can brighten your day.
8. Happiness can help alleviate pain.
9. Being outside can make you happier.
10. Women are more prone to the holiday blues.
11. Happiness is contagious.

Click the link here to view the full article: https://www.bustle.com/wellness/myths-coronavirus-herd-immunity-debunked-doctors


  • Kristine Mae Angeles
    Aug 12, 2020 15:09
    Thanks for inspiring! Promoting also my story entitled "Turn every weakness into greatness." We can also exchange views by viewing all my other stories and I'll do the same with you. Let's support each other!