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11 Exercises That Will Help You Grow 3 Inches Taller-Part #1

11 Exercises That Will Help You Grow 3 Inches Taller

#1 –Hanging Exercises
You can do this at the gym on the pull-up bars or on the monkey bars at a nearby playground.

Try and hang for 15 to 30 seconds or for as long as you can.

#2 – Cobra Pose
Start by lying flat on the floor with your palms face down near the middle of your ribs.

Use the strength of your back, not your hands, to lift your chest off the floor.

Leave your legs extended straight at first.

Hold the position for five to ten breaths.

#3 – Start on your hands and knees, with your hands slightly in front of your shoulders.

Pressing back, raise your knees away from the floor, and lift your tailbone toward the ceiling.

For an added hamstring stretch, gently push your heels toward the floor.

Hold the position for five to ten breaths, and then repeat the pose five to seven times.

#4 – Hip Flexor Stretch
To effectively stretch the hip flexors, first, kneel on your right knee, with toes down, and place your left foot flat on the floor in front of you.

Place both hands on your left thigh and press your hips forward until you feel a good stretch in the hip flexors.

Contract your abdominals and slightly tilt your pelvis back while keeping your chin parallel to the floor. Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds, and then switch sides.

Tip: To accentuate this stretch, reach your hands over your head and arch your body back.

#5 – Pelvic Tilt

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. In this relaxed position, the small of your back will not be touching the floor.

Perform a pelvic tilt by tightening your abdominal muscles so that the small of your back presses against the floor. Hold for 5 seconds, and then relax.

Repeat this move three times and gradually build to 10 repetitions.

Next, take a deep breath and on the exhale contract your abdominals, pulling your belly button towards your spine.

Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat ten times.

#6 – Cat and Cow Stretch

Starting on your hands and knees, an all-fours position, move into the Cat Pose by slowly pressing your spine up, arching your back.

Hold the pose for a few seconds, and then move to the Cow Pose by scooping your spine in, pressing your shoulder blades back and lifting your head.

Moving back and forth from Cat Pose to Cow Pose helps move your spine to a neutral position, relaxing the muscles and easing tension.

Repeat the sequence ten times, flowing smoothly from cat to cow, and cow back to the cat.

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