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10 Ways on how a Parent should act towards their Children To gain Self-esteem.

A child who feels good about themselves, who has a good self-esteem, learns more easily than those with a low self-concept.  A child having a high esteem can learn more easily because they do the concept while enjoying the challenges, information, and the skills that they can acquire.

Important Reminder:
This list should be taken lightly and in context. This article does not degrade and judge any of the readers or the parent’s skills in handling their child. I hope this list would help parents to better understand their child and to remind them that every child should feel love and care.

1. Apologize to your kids when necessary.

When apologizing to your children, us parents should mean it. Take responsibility in every action that the parent has done. Always recognize your child’s feelings, always show them that you are willing to listen and understand the problem in a situation.

2.  Never assume your smarter only because you’re older.

 Every statement or opinion a child might say, us parent should not belittle them. Never forget to guide them in their ideas and how to handle it with humility.

3. Always remember to say please and thank you when they do something for us, or others.

Saying thank you to your children can teach them the concept of kindness. Kindness can enable a child to see both compassion and humility towards others.

4. Listening is key to a bright future.

Show them the effort of being involve. Spend those precious time with your child by looking and listening to every word they say. Letting him know that you enjoy listening and being with him is one of the most effective way to boost their self-esteem. Make them feel that they are a worthwhile person, someone you like to be with.

5. Always have a room for boundaries for good behavior.

Setting a limit to your child’s behavior can enable them to see if what they did is right or wrong. Show them a stance that in some point, too much is bad. Explain to them the importance of it, show them that having a limit can show more self-understanding while observing the action done.

6.  Mistakes is an important part of learning.

explain and remind your child consistently, that mistakes help us learn. We learn by reflecting on the feedback we receive. If the feedback informs us that we’ve done something wrong, then it is up to us to correct the mistakes. Help them see that only by risking failure, does he also stand a chance of succeeding nurturing and learning something new.

7. Teach and show love and compassion.

 How you express this love to your child tells them a great deal about themselves. To consider themselves lovable and valued, your child must feel the affection of your love. Always make a conscious effort in showing them how much you love and care for them.

8.  Enjoy those times you mold them to be a good person.

When you are doing something with your child. It is best that they feel that you are with them physically and mentally. Always allow yourselves to be a part of the child’s life. Enjoy being with your child. Make them feel that they are important to your life.

9. Lead by example

Always put these questions in mind,” What could I help my child experience from any situation?”. Always learn how to approach your children, on how they can think creatively and critically, to exercise his thoughts in trusting and choosing a right model. Being a person with character and competence can set a great example to your child. Doing the right thing at the right time, for the right reason shows the gravity of importance in improving your child’s self-esteem.

10. Do not Compare your Children

Make sure that your child feels that he or she is an individual. Children prefer that they are treated as unique individuals. Help your children improve to the areas they are weak at, but also let them know how proud you are in terms of their strength.