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1 in 3 people have changed their behaviour based on their horoscope

Are you gentle like a Gemini or stubborn like a Scorpio? And does this make you compatible or incompatible with that lovely-looking Libra sitting next to you? More to the point, do you believe in horoscopes?

New YouGov research suggests that star signs are back in vogue, with younger generations more likely to be auspicious than their elders. Overall, just over four in ten (43%) of those surveyed within APAC take horoscopes either very or somewhat seriously but this rises to 48% for those between 16-29 and falls to 31% for those over 45.

Residents of Vietnam, China and Thailand take horoscopes the most seriously in the region, where 75%, 68% and 52%, respectively, take horoscopes seriously. By contrast, Malaysians, Singaporeans and Australians are the least likely to take horoscopes seriously, where just 23%, 28% and 29%, respectively, take horoscopes seriously.


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