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Eid Salvador

Proudly Philippine-made reusable heritage face masks for public use

Here’s a list of Philippine-made reusable face masks for public use now that more places are easing restrictions of the community quarantine to allow the economy to recover.

Since the wearing of face masks to protect against the spread of coronavirus disease is a basic requirement when going out in public, the University of the Philippines has encouraged the use of reusable face masks instead of the medical-grade masks that are in short supply and are more needed by frontline workers.

EcoWaste Coalition has also recommended the use of reusable face masks to control the unbridled use and disposal of single-use masks made of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastic.

Going by the creed “heritage won’t take a backseat this pandemic”, Herencia showcases Laguna’s famous Lumban embroidery woven into face masks named after national hero Jose Rizal’s characters in the Spanish colonial period novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

The Burdang Lumban Face Masks Collection is a Herencia collaboration with Dos Hermanos Sacred Vestment that uses cocoon fabric appliqued with Lumban’s Finest handmade full chain callado design and filter pockets.

Every Burdang Lumban face mask purchase from Herencia gives livelihood to the talented burdaderos of Lumban, Laguna, and aids with the conservation of their craft.


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