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**Three years later**

When she opened her eyes she was greeted by a huge smile.

Not from someone friendly, nor from a curious wildlife.

In fact she could not even describe it as a smile. Huge white fangs about half meter long, rows and rows of these are aligned with bits of flesh stuck in between. All are attached to a mouth with a breath so horrible, it made her retch.

Her stomach almost turned if it weren't for the fact that these set of teeth belonged to a huge lizard-like creature, waiting or probably measuring if she can be eaten in one bite. The owner of the mouth roared and she was shaken from her trance. Its sleek body covered with black feathers while the underside is covered with scales that were shining white. Crouched as if ready to pounce, its four legs tensed and she could feel its energy as it prepared to attack. Its red eyes glowed as it stared at her.

She is sure that one bite is all it takes. One bite and she'll close her eyes again. Forever.

Her head is still pounding and her memories are a bit foggy but she is certain the she won't go down without a fight. She readied herself and gave the area a quick scan. She saw an axe just a few steps away. Probably from the creatures first victim. She sprinted towards it.

The monster's stride were heavy and she could feel the earth rumble with each step. But she continued on. Her life depended on it. Her fate depended on it. As she was closing in on the axe two figures stepped between the creature and her.

"Mistress, good thing we arrived on time" said one of the figures.

"Well, I thought you left me for good." she said to the figures.

The creature, surprised to see two additional opponents snarled happily as it meant more food. It swiped its claws at one of the figures but was greeted with a crude blade.

"Nya... too strong." as the figure emerged form the shadows, with the moonlight glistening above. Its shape is revealed. A black cat, standing on its hind legs and grasping some sort of sword with its paws.

She was taken aback. Her supposed  rescuers were cats.

"What happened to you two?" she asked.
"You tell us... we're bond to you remember?" the cat's reply.

She did not expected this but she continued on. Now that she has the axe all three of them will have a chance.

"This will be a long night." she muttered under her breath. 
"Now to find my wings."


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