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Facts about parakeets or badgies

•male(cock) parakeets have a blue cere when they are matured ready to breed but when they are young they tend to have a purple cere

•female(hen) parakeets have brown or white cere if they are matured or ready to breed while young ones have a clear white cere

If you are going to keep parakeets consider your surroundings and capabilities a responsible owner tends to have a healthy birds, healthy birds can produce more of offsprings so the healthier the better.

Tips about reading parakeets

-Make sure that you are using metal cage because plastic cage will easily break when the predators attack like cats and rats.

-diet your parakeets yes you read it right, fat parakeets less to have eggs

-give your parakeets vitamins

-Make sure that your parakeet will be a male and female because some sellers are not honest about the gender of the birds they are selling

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