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Top 5 Places you should Visit in the Philippines!!!

Top 5 Places you should Visit in the Philippines!!!

I know we are all waiting for this pandemic to end, we are itching to go outside to the comforts of our house and start an adventure.

have you ever though of visiting Philippines ?
Philippines is a good country to visit, lot of islands, beaches, different kinds of food and of course meeting happy people! .

so if you ever thought of visiting Philippines i hope this may help you plan your destination here!! Have a nice adventure! here we go!

1. Boracay - Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, located in the Western Visayas it is known for its White Sand, you can also experience here Island Hopping , Cliff Diving (has different diving boards and platforms ), Scuba Diving, Night parties, Spa, Different shows, Very clean and affordable hotels.  

2. Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan- This is the five-mile-long river is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 wonders of the world, just by being in the 7 wonders on the world, you know it is a must place to visit here in the Philippines, Well informed guides will navigate you through the National park and into the Cave's River system.
You can also visit the Tubbataha Reef and the Honda Bay while in Puerto Princesa

3. Mayon Volcano - The Philippines, with twenty-five active volcanoes, is the ideal country for volcano tourism. The most near perfect classical cone shape and one of the most amazing volcanoes in the world !
Here in Mayon, you can do trekking , you'll need to be prepared cause it's not easy to climb so you really need to release your adventurous spirit.
While in Mayon also, you visit the Cagsawa Ruins, sixteenth-century church tower in the Daraga municipality of Albay.

4. Siargao - Siargao is a tear-shaped island, two-hundred and seventy miles southeast of Manila, If you are a surfur, then this would be a perfect place to visit.  Cloud 9 Siargao’s most popular spot for catching big waves is in the island’s municipality of General Luna, and by it's name, it is ranked #9  in the world’s best surf spot rankings by CNN. There are also Surf spot for begginers. The best month to visit Siargao is between November through to February it is when the best waves really starts to roll!! and while is Siargao don't miss out the Sugba Lagoon!!.

5. Cebu - one of the cities that has been awarded as part of UNESCO’s Network of Creative Cities, in Cebu you can find the best diving spots eaturing underwater caves, shallow shipwrecks, and marine sanctuaries, you can also visit in Cebu, the Kawasan Falls a multi-layered waterfalls in the town of Badian and it is best known for its turquoise waters.

Hope this will help you in your future planning of travel :D Thank you for reading.