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Stephanie Laison

Zafire Bleaching Set

Too much tanned/dark face, armpits, neck, elbows and where else?
Not confident enough to go out or wore make-up and dream outfits because of too much tan on your body, that it makes you feel so small?

Worry no more because Zafire brings you the product that you need!
we are presenting you Zafire Natural Beauty and Wellness's Bleaching SET!

Bleaching SET is Zafire's product that is made for people with problem for their too much darkened spot of their body. 

Get this BLEACHING SET with 3 products inside for PHP. 650.00 ONLY! 
Yes, 3 in 1 Bleaching SET for PHP. 650.00, You will achieve the white skin you dreamed off!
The Bleaching set are made of:
· 100g Bleaching Soap
· 100g Bleaching Lotion
· 100g Bleaching Whip Cream

If others even need to pay thousands, or hundred thousands just to achieve the skin you want, here on Zafire's Bleaching Set, you will be able to achieve it for PHP.650.00!

Another thing, Zafire has a Student Financial Assistance where they help students through the products they sell and buying under this post will help me, the writer, support and continue my studies.

To order, comment down below or PM this account: https://www.facebook.com/laisonstephanieg/

Your kindness are very much appreciated!
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