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Red Albante


What to do this ECQ?

Well, When i heard that we're in ECQ again, I have decided to learn new things while I'm at home and the first thing came out of my mind is to enhance my editing skills because i know that im not that good enough when it comes to editing, So i watched tutorials on YouTube about editing. While watching, Someone mentioned about Free Courses on Google. So what i did few days ago is, Signed up on skillshop and take marketing course. I take it not just because of the certificate but also to improve my marketing skills. As of today im still on the site to make sure that i will ace the online test. Currently what im doing this ECQ is learning about editing and taking courses.

Instead of looking at quarantine as something dreadful we have to endure, look at it as an opportunity to use this valuable time to do things that we couldn’t do previously. It's such a great feeling to see the improvement but there are so many things we want to do outside and i know that we all want that. So Please if you're reading this. Stay Home and follow the rules.