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Stefany Calma

The deep sea

Sometimes, it feels like you are drowning in a deep ocean. It's like you're trapped in an endless void, dwelling in your own thoughts. It's tiring, wanting to reach that small spark of light that is left in that deep ocean. But, the more you're trying to swim to get that, it seems like something is pulling you down. And sadly, it was you who is pulling yourself down. Your own thoughts were the one who make you feel more miserable and empty. You sink yourself to the thoughts like “I’m not worth it”,  “I can't do anything” and “I’m not good enough”. 

But at the end of the day, we must learn to save ourselves. You can't expect other people to do that for you because they have their own problems and eventually they'll leave you behind. That's why it is important to realize your own value and to not let yourself drown. Learn to accept the things about yourself and one day, that spark of light will grow bigger and bigger for you to hold on to it. Love yourself to the point that it is over pouring. Fill the void that is left from people who made you feel miserable and turned their backs on you. Please remember that you are worth it. All of your hardwork will soon payoff. 

And be the light that you have always been searching.

Photo credit to Rombutan


  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:26
    nice work :)
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