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Stephanie Laison

Sexual Behavior

The world revolves with so much changes and influences that youth can get from the society that revolves them. The world are becoming more liberal and open minded with intimate and sensitive things such as the sexuality and the behavior towards that word. But even before sexuality came to the picture, we have to identify on our selves on ‘who we really are’ and what do we mean by that question. Every person has different way of identifying their selves and they don’t deserve to be judged for who they are. Sexuality is something not new for adolescense, and like how the adults idenify things like, it is pretty normal for the teenagers to experience puberty. Changes on how a person view and see things it’s not a big deal, it’s maturity. Having sexual intercourse with their partner is something to do on how they see things. As a person who’s little by little becoming an adult, I believe that having a sexual intercourse is something important that you should only do with the person you vowed to stay with eternally. Cheesy as it may sound but that’s how I grew up, that’s how my surroundings let me understand about those things. And it doesn’t mean that having this kind of view means the same as others. We all have different types of beliefs. We all make our decision and this decision is on how we react on sexual urges or sexual behavior. One factor I’ve learned about this sexual behavior is when we decide in wrong time, it comes with a very bad result: early pregnancy or getting diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. We have come to decide on something that affects on how we feel. And like what my UTS Professor have noted, “our brain is higher than the rest of the parts of the body so bear in mind to make thorough choices and decisions on all your actions.” That says that whatever the cause of our action, our brain is the one who made a decision on it and the one who controls it is us. The consequences of our actions is our own fault. We manage to get on that situation so whatever the result of it, we must also manage to do something about it. Sexual Behavior is not a very big deal to talk about now a days, but people doesn’t get the main point of it was to aware us about our liberal decisions, it’s not about your point of view, but the action we make and the consequences it produce.