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Calvin Tagacay

Myth #4: It is not safe to visit

It’s not uncommon for tourists to have preconceived notions about Africa’s safety, we heard all about it too. But there was something alluring about Africa that compelled us to visit. Even though there are parts of Africa that may not be the safest for foreigners to travel to, it is not reflective of the continent as a whole. With every country, there are risks of crimes, pickpockets and scams but it boils down to being vigilant and alert at all times and that’s what we did most of our trip.

In fact, the following countries are really popular for tourism: Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana. We went to Morocco and fell in love with the food, the people and the breathtaking landscapes. In our opinion, this country was one of the most beautiful countries we visited and it was a privilege. Our trip to Cape Town allowed us to see the vibrancy of Africa — it’s really a rainbow nation. The beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania just made us entirely forget that we were in Africa. We conclude that Africa is safe to visit, as long as you steer clear of certain cities and remain cautious.