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Calvin Tagacay

Myth #3: Technology is lacking in Africa

Africa is becoming increasingly urban with 39% of Africans living in urban areas. We also found out that 70% percent of Africa’s population is under age 30, which is proof that the world’s oldest continent is home to many young people and becoming increasingly innovative. During our trip, we saw people using their smartphones to transfer money, we saw apps like Mushika-shika used for ride-hailing and we saw a 20-year-old kid from Soweto who built a robot entirely from trash.  

The digital divide is apparent in Africa because access is limited, especially in the rural areas. Illiteracy rates, outdated government policies and the lack of access to electricity are all deep-seated issues that have impeded Africa’s technological developments. But Africa continues to progress. Mobile phones now are as common in Nigeria as they are in the United States — 9 out of 10 people own one — and that’s a huge leap forward in the field of technological innovation.