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My basic living: What's in my errand or everyday bag

My basic living: What's in my errand or everyday bag

Running an errand is one of the things that I look forward to. I know it's kinda weird but I like doing adult stuffs like paying bills and shopping groceries. 
Though I do most of the outside errands for our household, I still think that I haven't quite mastered the art of running errands however, I'll try my best to share some of the items I find essential when I do my errands. 

In this blog, I will share to you five things inside my errand/everyday bag aside from my phone. 😉

1. Money

Due to the pandemic, I try my best to use contactless payments. However, I live in a  rural area in the Philippines and most of the shops in my humble town require cash as the payment method. Thus, I still need to carry cash. So in order to keep things organized, I keep a separate pouch for all the paper bills and small change that I have and a separate card holder. 
 I have also started feeling some nuisance value for carrying a heavy pouch for my small change so I have applied the habit to use my small change as much as possible or change them into paper bills.  My goal is to only keep 30 pesos as small change every time I go out. For the excess small change, I put them on my glass jar for Christmas HAHA! For the paper bills, I only bring the money I need for the day. This helped me to be conscious of how much I spend.
Another thing, when running an errand is that you might have to keep some receipts. I fold my receipts in a way that it is the same size as the quarter of a folded paper bill and when I get home, I pin them on my corkboard to make me more aware of them. I personally think that keeping receipts is unnecessary but there are some instances that we might need it. I keep my receipts for only a month after the next billing to avoid unexpected complications. 

2. Hygiene items.

With the unexpected rise in COVID-19 transmissions in the world, hygiene items are multiple times more important now than ever. 
I keep a hand sanitizer with me at all times. I like to hang it on my bag for convenience. I also keep an extra mask. Face shields have been recently required for public transportation and for entries to some establishments too so I always keep one. 
Taking care of ourselves is not only our responsibility to our body now but also our responsibility to keep other people healthy. Let us all bear the responsibility to start a healthy discipline. Together, we can get through this. ^_^

3. Pen. 

Keeping a pen has been my habit for quite some time now. It's just that running errands can sometimes require filling out some forms. Though pens are provided in some establishments, most of the times they are limited and faulty. Instead of purchasing it again and again, I just leave it in my bag. 

4. Water. 

Bringing my bottle of water depends on the time I will spend outside. If it exceeds an hour then I bring one. Buying bottled water from the convenience stores is more convenient but it isn't sustainable. Plus, bringing your own means not having to purchase, that means additional extra money for Christmas! hehe 😅 Some people also bring their own cutleries, I am fond of this idea but I am not yet in the most interest to dine out nowadays so I'll skip bringing this for now. 

5. Foldable eco bag. 

I am starting to adopt sustainability in my everyday life so I always keep an eco bag so that I won't have to use or ask for plastic bags. Furthermore, it looks more presentable when carrying the items on the street! 

*Extra tip. What's inside your bag matters but so as your bag, make sure that it's reliable and sturdy because it is supposed to be your vessel for everyday life. ;)
I hope that this article helps you! If you have questions or suggestions, you can easily reach me here or on instagram @dmplmorales. 

Have a great day and see you on the next blog! 


The Filipina Dreamer ^_^


  • Kyungg
    Sep 28, 2020 22:23
    Nice things you have!💕 I only bring what I can bring😆 don't even know if it's essential.lol.As long as I have my umbrella and water, I'm ready to go! (Before the pandemic tho)