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My basic living: What clothes to keep and what to let go

My basic living: What clothes to keep and to let go 

Someone had constantly expressed to me how refreshing it is to let go of things. I am naturally sentimental though so I opposed this idea. I thought that emotional value outweighs any space that my miscellaneous items take. I can keep everything I want. I was firm on this credo but not until one day, the overwhelming sight and realization of all the items I have kept hit me. Then, I knew that I have to start appreciating the art of letting go. 

I find it extremely difficult to let go of my clothes. For me, clothes are components to building my confidence. I am also fond of getting into trends, buying clothes I unreasonably foresee that I will wear in the future, buying from sales etc. These habits led me to hoarding clothes so recently, I had to let go of some. 

Here are some questions that I asked myself in this decluttering journey. I hope these questions can help you too! 

1. What are these clothes for?

Identify the purpose of your clothes. You can start by sorting your clothes. I had five categories: House clothes, work clothes, errand clothes, hang out clothes and formal. You can change the categories based on your liking.  Some of my clothes didn't fit in any of my categories. Obviously, these are the clothes that I never had purpose for. What's the sense of keeping them then? Sorting my clothes was a good a start for me. 

2. Have I wore this recently or do I want to wear this again in the future?

You can apply the three-month rule here. Three-month rule is the suggested time span to say if something is of good use to you. For example, if you haven't used a dress for three months then you can get rid of it.  But if it's too short for you, you can adjust it to five months, seven months and so on. I believe that we all have different lifestyles. Choose what's best for you. 
Exception to this rule however is when it's the type of attire that you only wear on special occasions like wedding. In this case you can ask yourself - Do I want to wear this again in the future?

3. Does this fit my body?

Being comfortable in your clothes means being free to move so make sure that your clothes fit you well. I didn't pay much attention to comfort before because I really liked to go with the trends. It's always beauty and trend over comfort but as I grew older, I realized trends get out of style and most of the times, we just dispose things which are out of style but we don't let go of things that make us comfortable. 

4. Does this suit my current style?

Our styles may change but I suggest you make a strong decision what style you want to stick on for a long time. Remember that your clothes are mixtures of different times, trends, designs, etc. Not deciding what you want can confuse and distract you from the cleaning process so decide your style and stand for that decision. 

5. Does this make me happy?

You may know Marie Kondo, a Japanese author, who created a method to tidy up things. Her principle was to choose the things that spark joy. It may sound abstract but I agree to the idea. We may not realize it much but there are actually things which give us unexplainable joy, for instance the first bag you bought with your salary. That's priceless. Your happiness should always be a part of the things that you keep. This may play a very emotional part on you but I hope you justify that emotion to yourself. I am not very good at justifying my emotions though hehe, if you're like me, I recommend that you take it gradually and keep them until you are ready to let go. No pressure! ^O^

The process of letting go of things we treasured can be difficult but it will be worth it. A clear space represents a clear state of mind. You can do it! 😊😊😊

If you have questions or suggestions, you can easily reach me here or on Instagram @dmplmorales. 

Have a great day and see you on the next blog! 


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  • Kyungg
    Sep 28, 2020 22:19
    Nice & helpful post!💕Thanks!🤗