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Stefany Calma

Look Up in the Skies and See

Our feelings can be expressed through different forms in the sky.

There's the sun that symbolizes our bright days. The happiness we feel everytime we're with the people we love, eating our favorite foods, doing the things we love to do or anything that makes our heart jumps in delight.

However, we also have those darkest times. Just like how darkness engulfed the sky which signifies the night. The faint light of the moon that shines in the sky, which can also symbolize our little hope. Those times in your life where everything falls apart. The times wherein we feel so alone. The times where you couldn't feel how to be happy again. Our problems seem to remind us how useless we are. We wanted to voice out our feelings but the dark seems like blocking us to speak our heart out. 

And so tears started to drop on your face. The rain that never stops pouring. Where our sorrows could only be expressed through droplets of water from your eyes. You would ask yourself, "why am I feeling this?", "why do I need to suffer so much?" And sometimes you would feel angry at yourself for being weak. Just like how thunder roars out in the sky. You may feel hatred, envious or disappointed in everything that is happening to you right now.

But please remember that in every rain and thunder there will always be a rainbow to remind us that life is worth living. The pain you feel will someday pay off. You can correct those mistakes and regrets that keep bothering you everyday and soon embrace yourself and be a better version of you. Just like the sun that keeps rising every single day for us to be reminded that there will always be a sunrise, that there will always be a new beginning.

And in all of these times, in all of these feelings, God is here with us. Especially in our darkest times, God is the star that accompany us in the dark. Those millions of stars in the sky remind us that wherever we go and wherever we are, He will always be there. 

And its okay to be not okay. Its okay to feel these things. These feelings symbolizes that we are all human beings. Just don't hold on to that sadness for too long. Let it go and let God inside of your heart.

Just like the forms in the sky that made it a beautiful scenery and so are you, a masterpiece made by God.


  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:37
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  • Tace Mendoza
    Aug 24, 2020 23:27
    nice work :)
  • Xianpxyjel
    Aug 15, 2020 17:16
    Check my article too tnx :) add me and i will adding u back :)
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