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Joshua Tabaranza

Inspiring movie for this recent happenings

PANDORA | 8.5/10

Recently happenning in Beirut, Lebanon is clearly massive and destructive disaster that causes many lives to suffer, and then I've seen this 2016 Korean film "Pandora" that is not really similar to but I suddenly remember and almost compare it on the scenarios of this film (Luckily hindi kasi I think mas worst itong nasa movie). However, If you watch the TV series Chernobyl on Netflix I think that is the most likely comparable for this movie.

Pandora tells about the story of Hanbyul Nuclear Power Plant being hit by a strong earthquake causing of melt down and big explosions that leads into a disaster and no one in the worker can stop it further. But what their really problem and battling for is the extreme radiation releasing by the broken nuclear reactor spreading and poisoning the civilians of entire city.

Watching it with no expectation, the whole movie is very intense and emotional engaging until the end. I see just a basic disaster movie where people are panicking around, government incompetence, people's selfishness and characters heroic stuff that is truly stressful and heart wrenching. What I like is the characters mind blowing performances in every certain scenes, its a job well done to keep the viewers in seat and finished this whole movie without looking on the time mark.

Overall, Pandora is a good korean disaster movie to watch. Great effects, great performances and has a good action sequences that is worth a shot for you to check out.

You can watch Pandora on Netflix if you want to. ❤


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