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Alemar Calipayan

Hackuna (Anti-Hack) developed by Alexis Lingad

Hi! I want to share this application that I've been using for 3 weeks now that is really worth sharing. This application is called Hackuna developed by 21-year-old Alexis Lingad, CEO of Cryptors. This application blocks the hackers within the network making you safe especially when connected to Public Wi-Fi. It can also detect the apps that have unreasonable permission to access the user’s private data, camera, mic, SMS, GPS, call logs and contacts without your awareness. Hidden spy apps and the trojans that hackers use in hacking and controlling a user’s phone remotely can also be inspected. 

Install the app now from Google Play Store and explore it yourself for other functionalities that they offer.

Think twice, you might be the next victim!

For more information, kindly visit https://cryptors.org/