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Jomar Tomakin

Electronics Technician #MyFirstJob

Good day everyone! I hope you are all doing well while reading my post. I am an Electronics Engineering graduate. The jobs available for this course is very hard to find so I really struggle in finding a job after I graduated. Not long ago, however, my colleague sent me a job hiring post that I really find interesting. This is a best fit to my course because this is also a telecom job. I immediately grab the opportunity to apply and fortunately I was accepted. I was expecting that the first few days of my first job will be hard but I was wrong. My workmates were very helpful and guided me to what we should do and also made me feel that I was part of their family. Time goes by and I became more knowledgeable to our work and also, I enjoyed our frequent travels to different cities and municipalities all over Mindanao. Currently, because of unfortunate circumstances due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, I was forced to put on leave. I might not return anytime soon but I am still grateful that during the months that I am on that company, I really did a great job and I learn many things moving forward. This will not be the end for if one door closes, many more will open very soon. If you are struggling this days, just pray and trust God that he will help you overcome this challenges. God bless everyone and keep safe!


  • Jomar Tomakin
    Aug 13, 2020 11:20
    You're right. Thanks. God bless. Keep safe.
  • Avagrey
    Aug 13, 2020 11:04
    Wow, amazing job! You can still put that into good use even if it's quarantine. God bless.