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     Of all the bad things in the world, what could be the worst?

     An amusing story of a genius boy is showcased in a 2017 film entitled "The Book of Henry" as directed by Colin Trevorrow. The story goes around an eleven-year-old boy named Henry Carpenter who is living with his younger brother Peter and being raised by their single mother Susan.

     Despite his young age, he is surprisingly taking almost all of the responsibilities in their family with the help of his beyond ordinary intellectual ability. He takes care of their financing and do mostly of the decision making which is why his mother is really blessed to have a son and a dad in the form of a one young man.

     Aside from his great mind, another thing that makes Henry a boy wonder is his huge heart. His willingness to help others and eagerness to correct what seemed to be wrong is where the main plot of the story lingers around.

     A scene in the mart where a man abuses a defenseless woman caught the attention of Henry that furrowed his eyebrow. He badly wanted to help the woman. He wanted to get in the middle and stop the abuse that his innocent eyes are witnessing. Sadly, he couldn’t do it because his mother said that it is none of their business. He unwillingly walks away with his teeth gritted because he failed to do anything to help the woman in distress.

     As they went home, Henry and his mother had a conversation before they fall into slumber. It goes with Henry mentioning the incident earlier in the mart.

     “Mom,” he said.

     “Hm?” his mom hummed shortly.

     “That woman today, at the grocery store, you didn’t.. do anything to help her,” as Henry continues scribbling on his notes.

     “I told you. It wasn’t our business,” she reasoned.

     “I think, when someone hurt someone else, I think it is our business.”

     “Well, I know it seems that way but, there was nothing I could do.”

      “Yeah, mom if... if everybody did that then there would be no one to look out for the people who just can't look out for themselves,” he said making his point.

     “So, what should I have done? I didn't want things to get violent,” she explained.

     “Violence isn’t the worst thing in the world.”

     “What is then?” she asked.

     “Apathy,” Henry said briefly and so sure.

     The thing is, what if people are looking too straight forward and could not notice those people who are in need? And what is even worse is how could those people who have seen the cruelty of this world but didn’t do anything to help those who are dying asking for a piece of bread?

     We must not feel apathy.  We must not let it grow inside of us just because of the apathy we received in our past. Do not be like them. Instead, let us take our hands off of our pockets. Lend them to those who needs strength and lacks faith in the kindness of the human race.

     Our hearts are there to feel love. And love is the mere opposite of apathy. Thus, love is kind so never refuse to an opportunity to do an act of kindness. Because the good will always prevail.

     So, what is the worst thing in the world? Apathy is.