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Amazon Tribe Wins Big Oil Case, Protecting Millions of Acres of Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is well known in the world for being the largest and densest forest area in the world. Across nine nations, the Amazon is home to millions of various animal and plant species, as well as some of the few surviving indigenous communities in the world.

The Waorani people of Pastaza are an indigenous group of the Ecuadorian Amazon and have lived in the Rainforest for many centuries. But their home came under attack from a major oil company-they didn't take it lightly.

After a long legal battle with a variety of organisations, the people of Waorani have successfully secured half a million acres of their ancestral land in the Amazon rainforest from being exploited for oil exploration by big oil companies. The sale of Waorani land to the oil firms was suspended indefinitely by a tribunal of three judges of the Pastaza Provincial Court.

This victory for the indigenous tribe has now set an invaluable legal precedent for other indigenous nations throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon. After accepting a request for court security from Waorani to stop the oil bidding process, the court also suspended the proposed sale of 16 oil blocks covering more than 7 million acres of indigenous land.


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