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Joshua Tabaranza

About Time (2013) is a delightful romantic movie you should watch!

10 Out of 10  ❤ ❤

About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Margot Robbie and Bill Nighy a 2013 British Romantic Comedy-Drama that tells about the story of a young man with the ability to travel back in time tries to change his past in hopes of improving his future.

I love this movie so much it makes me feel to imagine whatever I want to do in my whole life in just 2 hours, I've seen nothing to say negative and to dislike it, its a perfectly balance and very sincere movie ever made and you will truly love. This film shows that the cast are just so good, as for Domhnall Gleeson (Tim) hindi siya yung typical ideal guy na lagi mong bet sa mga romantic movies but it was really fine, charming and all are natural and real also I loved the relationship of him with Rachel McAdams (Mary) those cheesy chemistry is just perfect. As for Rachel she is soft and charming here feels like I've seen a classic but adorable Rachel back at her The Notebook (2004) and I love that too. Mentioning also Bill Nighy (Tim's father) performance that is also stood the most. All in all it was just a smooth performance of cast that definitely a must see art piece for the viewers.

About time is a fun good, charming romantic comedy-drama its not just your typical time travel thing you like in every movie but something unique of it, a love story that is more of a family engaging lessons, prepare your eyes and tissues because thats it. A must watch movie for everyone. I Watch it on Netflix  ❤ ❤