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5 Things you might need for your Online Classes

Are you in for the new normal? And that includes no face-to-face class this school year. You might need these things that can be bought from Shopee and Lazada before the start of Classes on October.

1. Ring light
Be it in Google Meet or Zoom classes. Of course you want to have a good lighting wherever part of your house you're in. 

2. Desk organizer
You don't want a messy table filled with ball pens, papers, highlighters, etc. With this desk organizer, you can arrange your ball pens, notebooks and other school stuff in a minimalist way. More pleasing in the eyes right?

3. Felt pin board
These cute little pin boards that has a felt cover. Who doesn't love cute things that are functional at the same time? You can pin your sticky notes in here so that you won't forget that you have a morning class the next day haha.

4. Desktop mirror
You might wanna check your hair or your face before you click the join button on your online class. Your crush might be watching you.

5. Power Socket Extension
This is a need. Low battery no more. Your ring light and charger cords will thank you for this.

Hope this will be helpful!

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