Positivity Has The Power To Take You Where You Want To!!

Added On: Jun 27, 2016


Positive Thinking is no doubt key to happiness and success. Half the battle is won, when you are hopeful of doing so. It helps keep a person away from in-necessary worries. Positive thinking a mental tool to overcome hurdles with a smile on your face.

I wish to share an unusual situation that I faced  a couple of years ago that Reaffirmed my faith in positive thinking.   I had finished my studies and looking for a job. I had applied in many places but had few returns. One particular day I received a call from Bangalore ,India  for an interview for a job with a multinational company. The caller told me that it was to take place just after two days. I requested to reschedule it they expressed their inability as there were some foreigners in interview board and they had difficulty in changing their flight plans.

I immediately booked an air ticket for the next day flight to Bangalore, but to my surprise, I was wait-listed at 305 number. I somehow felt that I am anyway going to give it a try. Next day, I reached Indira Gandhi International airport well in time. There was a long queue of people checking in. An hour before the scheduled time of flight they started calling wait-listed passenger my name did not appear. I had hope that something would happen. About thirty minutes before take-off the check in counter was about to be closed and other wait-listed passengers had left, the lady manning the counter received a call that a confirmed passenger was not able to make it and asked for cancellation. She saw me standing nearby and asked me to hand over my ticket which she readily okayed.  I was on my way to the destination. It did not come as a surprise to me because I remained positive and kept my hopes high which paid its result.

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