Change yourself with life and the success will be yours!!

Added On: Jun 13, 2016


There are a few moments in our life when an incident can break all our future dreams and aspirations that we have set for the time to come. We may feel most anguished and make this loss the centre point in our life and keep on revolving around. But, is that really true?

Can the future be predicted or designed in accordance with the plans that we make today? Is this really possible?

No, definitely not!!

Alike, a mountaineer, who make some plans before starting his trek does not stick to the same plan to reach the hill top, no success can be attained without a change. This mountaineer knows, his plan can be a reason to begin, but cannot be a path to his destination. He has to change his outlook and conduct towards his plan at every step he/she takes towards his destination.

As and when he progresses he faces new challenges and difficulties, on every step he decides for his next step and changes his decisions, with a concept in his mind that may be the old plan can lead him to a failure, may land him in the rift or valley. He simply cannot make the mountain according to his requirements, rather makes himself in accordance with the mountain's requirements.

Isn’t our life alike this? If we make one problem the centre point in our life, it is definitely that we cannot progress and rather make our life stagnant and dormant.

Therefore, life cannot be designed according to us, but we can definitely manoeuvre ourself in respect to the situations and this is the only way to lead a successful and happy life.

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